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Day 2 of the Coromandel - Water. Weird. And Whitianga

currently: back in Auckland.
Okay so I'm writing these post trip. But still, nothing can stop me from writing about it now. Nothing except my Media Comm essay.

So I'll be quick. I promise.

Today - I was incredibly tired. It may have something to do with sleeping in a squeaky top bunk in a really hot sleeping bag. Or due to other factors. But I mainly blame the uncomfortable top itchy bunk bed.
Anyway, I slept in till about 9am before we tripped to this place called "The Waterworks". Said to be NZ's Best Theme Park for 2010 and 2011. Truthfully I didn't think we even had other theme parks other than Rainbows End. But they seem to exist.

Waterworks is a pretty quirky place. The whole theme is set around the stream the park is next to. And decorated with weird recycled sculptures. So you become welcomed to things like this:

Or this:

But the place is fun, interactive, and quite wet. I rode my first bike without training wheels there:

I'm like freaking ET. Except I'm not foreign.

They have a nice stream, where you could actually swim (if it wasn't so freezing cold):

Lots of stuff that is made with water wheels. I forget if that's the proper name... (And I just really want to use this picture):

I saw a cat. (I LOVES KITTIES):

They have a swinging clock (which keeps time, fully powered by water):

And here's an artsy picture of a sundial:

It's a pretty interesting place to be at. It's kinda located in the middle of nowhere (we had to drive 10 minutes on a dirt road to get there) but I think kids (and adults who have kid levels of energy and carelessness) will enjoy the place. No roller coaster though. Don't be fooled into thinking that with the Theme Park name.

Anyway, we continued a very long drive on the dusty and bumpy 309 Road, unintentionally all the way to Whitianga. And it was worth the drive because the town is adorable - and surprisingly bigger than Coro Town. I don't know why... Anyway, after looking around, we got some fish and chips, and headed for the beach. Again, it was freezing, but it was worth it. Took this Panorama while I was there too: (click for larger image)

And then for dinner, we went back to Coro-Town and ate at this place above the Admiral Arms, called the Stonegrill restaurant. Why is it called that? Cause their speciality is to hand you food on hot stones where you cook it yourself. It's pretty good, since it means your food stays constantly hot. Like mini-teppanyaki!

And then I got dessert. Cause I'm allowed to be greedy on holiday. A passionfruit ice cream. Yum.

Always finish a nice day with dessert. :)

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