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The Wonderful Colourful Worldwide Web

currently: real tired. Yet not asleep because I took a nap on the couch while watching a youtube video on DIY Wedding Dresses. And before you ask, there was no reason for it other than the fact people make DIY wedding dresses.

Apologies for the lack of posting, but every time it gets close to the university semester breaks, it always gets hectic. It's the time where tutors go "Oh you have a two week break? I better inflict as much pain on you now before you get the chance to leave."
And do you know what bugs me about "mid-semester breaks"? They're not breaks. They're two weeks of catch up on all the readings you haven't done, to write the essay you haven't looked at, and to catch up on all the work before you're launched into another 6 weeks of full on schedules.

But, despite all that, I'm quite calm right now. Why's that? Cause I finished my first web assignment! And I'm gonna show pictures cause I'm so damn proud of it:


Yeah and that second design? Did it all myself. Booyah.
This web assignment has been so time consuming - not because it's like rocket science, but because it is so accurate. And if you know me, I'm not very good with accurate. My favourite math topic was Estimation. Cause you could guess all the crap and say "Oh, well I don't know the answer, but it probably equals two or five or something."

Anyway, you people of the internet really need to be thankful that pages don't look like Word documents. Cause this CSS crap - this stuff get crazy.

Like all these codes just to get stuff to appear on the screen looks something like this:

#main-container {
box-shadow:5px 20px 5px #747e88;

And that's just one part to make a box for the stuff to go into. Imagine one section like that, times by 30 other different sections with its own issues etc.

Now I know how Facebook workers feel when they see people complain about how crappy a new layout is.

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