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Reliving life on Bebo

currently: reminiscing.

So it's 2012. And I still have a Bebo account. In fact, I went and accessed it last night (after I had to send one of those "password reminders). It's beyond hilarious that I can still look through my Top 16 and hilarious blog posts.
But people still ask me why I haven't bothered to delete my profile.
Well, I have a great reason for that.
You see kids (well those who are probably below the age of 13), back in those raging mid to late 2000s, Bebo was the place to be.
Facebook wasn't the raging social hangout like it is today. In fact, for the transitioning New Zealand teenager, social networking had it's rankings which went like this.

Bebo > Myspace > Facebook.

Facebook was for the oldies. (aka Uni kids)
While Myspace was only good if you were an American. Or a music nerd.
Youtube, or Tumblr- barely existed then!
And this blog too was only made in Sept 2009.

So for New Zealand's online active - Bebo was where it's at. My life between 2006-2009
And I, like many of that decade's tween/teen persuasion, invested many hours on Bebo. Leaving comments, "sharing the luv", writing on whiteboards: it was awesome.
But then by 2009, Facebook started it's take over, and Bebo felt like it was being overrun by tweenies. So one by one, people began to delete their accounts, erasing their former existence on a now sad and failing networking site.

But I never did.

It's not like I've never considered deleting my account. Because there are some embarrassing and horrid pictures of awkward teen Mel. (like I'm not still awkward now...)

But every time I go to find that 'deactivate' button... I can't bring myself to do it.

For me, Bebo paints my life as the mixed up, emotional, self-conceited, hormonal teen. Who used to think "typin lyk dis was supa awesum!"
I may regret my abuse of the English language, but my Bebo profile contains so many of my high school inside jokes (most which I now can't understand), the funny comments I used to share with my friends, and loads of 'wholesome' party pictures (I use wholesome loosely in regards to certain friends...).

Plus, I was an awesome whiteboard drawer.

(I really wasn't kidding with the emotional hormonal teen thing.)

So until Bebo officially rolls over and declares bankruptcy, let Bebo remain as a monument to Teen Mel.
It makes hilarious reading when you're avoiding assignments.

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