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Top 5: Lightning eyes, lighted seesaws, and forks

currently: close to bed time.

I've been busy trying to live up what's left of my holidays. Lots of unhealthy junk food has been consumed, as many of vegetarian meals too. I feel that this would hope to balance me out... And of course I've been spending way too much time lying in bed and working on projects that I should really get completed now.
But of course, don't think that I've forgotten this week's Top 5 now!

The Top 5.
1) Top Song: Lightning - Alex Goot

People love a good Youtube star. And I think Alex Goot could be another one of those musicians that make it big after launching themselves on Youtube. His original song is totally adorable, and if you haven't seen his cover with Dave Days and Chad Sugg for Call Me Maybe, then you must watch it. It's probably my favourite Call Me Maybe cover. And don't question my love for the song - I am allowed my guilty pleasures.

2) Top DIY: Fork Rings by Through the Front Door
[image from Through the Front Door]
I adore rings. And frankly, I don't think you can get a much cooler ring that this (though LOVE rings, bow rings, and camera rings come very close). I wish I had all the tools for this. Then I could raid my local thrift stores for mismatched fork and spoon ends, and have a field day by making my own rings. LOVE IT.

3) Top News: The Do’s and Don’ts of Dressing Sexy by The Vine
[image source from The Vine]
Okay, it's not News news, but this article from Australian website, The Vine, tells it like it should. Ladies (and men), take note from this. I quite like these two rules myself:
DO believe that there is sexiness in subtlety.
DON’T believe that there is sexiness in a top that says “SEXY”. There’s not.
I couldn't have said it better myself.

4) Top [Moving] Picture: Honest New York Times Ad from CollegeHumor
Who says the art of newspapers are dying? Frankly, they will always be needed in society. And not just for journo people like me to get satisfaction in seeing our own names in print.

5) Top Product: LED Seesaws
[image from GizMag]
And in the category of things I wish I could put in my backyard, this would top the list. Any child who sat on this would never be sad. It would be impossible. It's also suppose to teach you about physics too, but who gives a damn about that? I would only come to ride a light up seesaw.

And that's it for this week's Top 5. Also stay tuned/watching/logged in for more intern stories coming tomorrow :)

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