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currently: full. $3 Tacos at Mexicali Fresh! I wish I took photos of that too.

So it's the final 5 weeks of uni before I'm done with my bachelor's degree. Bit scary to know that time is moving so fast, and yet a 1 hour lecture can feel like the longest class in the world.

And of course, motivation to even go to university is really at its lowest some days. Sometimes you just want to look forward to something good in your week. Hence this idea that I developed.

For a group of people that will, at least once a week, take half an hour out of their week to lunch out somewhere affordable on a student budget (aka less than $15).
And because we're often stuck at uni in Auckland City, it may as well be at one of the great Auckland eating establishments. There are so many food places in Auckland, and they're much better than going to Wendy's burger joint all the time.

So, in order to enjoy food, have a new experience, and get some fun in the day, the Food Tour Party was created.
The first Food Tour Party was at the brand new Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar on Wellesley Street West in Auckland city - the first of its kind in Auckland. There has been so much buzz about this store since its opening last week Friday. In fact, it was so popular on Friday that they sold out of cookies by 1pm. Boyfriend was disappointed he missed out.
So instead, we went on Monday, along with two other friends of mine. And I'm glad we went when we did cause jars of cookies were running low around 1pm on Monday.

The store is really adorable. Milk jugs hang as a lightbulb feature, while blackboards and fun coloured boxes decorate the back of the store. This place is really small btw. There's no where to sit down. Or to have a decent queue.
Boyfriend and I got ourselves a peanut butter cookie, an Oreo marshmallow cookie (both $4 each) and a cookies and cream milkshake ($7.50). They actually forgot our milkshake order (they're a new store who are crazy busy, so I wasn't really unhappy about it) but when they did notice, they gave us a free cookie voucher to apologise. I am always won over with free food :D Happily given our cookies and milkshake, we headed off to Aotea Square to eat under the sun.

Look at this peanut butter cookie. In between two layers of soft chocolately deliciousness was a filling of peanut butter. And decorated on top, halved shelled peanuts and melted chunks of Whittakers chocolate which were soft and sweet. Yummmm...

Our Oreo Marshmallow cookie was also amazing. Boyfriend described it like "eating a smore". Which, though I haven't had a smore, I imagine it to taste like. It was soft, with a bit of chew, had sticky stretchy marshmallow, and a bit of bite from the oreo cookie implanted into it. It just broke softly in your hand.

And of course our Cookies and Cream milkshake isn't appropriate "dunking" milk for cookies. But we did it anyway. The cookies in the milkshake were well blended into the milkshake which gave it a real chocolate flavour (boyfriend expected it to be more "vanillany") and I guess it would have been a bit nicer to have more chunks. But then again, it's a milkshake and not a thickshake. Either way, the amount we got (would have been like 400-500ml worth) was a lot to drink for me. Quite glad I split the drink with him. And it was delicious too. So much deliciousness.

So for the first Food Tour Party - I think all of us gave the verdict that it really was a worthwhile experience. The price is a bit steep for a student (especially when you can get Mrs Higgins for under half the price of one cookie at Moustache) but we all agreed it was something you needed to try once. But try and get the more original flavours. I've heard others say they were a bit disappointed by more standard flavours "because it was just like a regular cookie", so getting peanut butter and oreo marshmallow were definite wins for us.

Next visit, I'm keen to try out their other cookies and milkshakes. Cinnamon cookie and Salted Caramel milkshake are on my list!

It's just what my thighs need - more delicious food near my university.

(btw - check out my friend's photography blog for more Moustache food photos. They're mainly unflattering pictures of me drinking my milkshake, but give the post some love. :)

Food Party review:
Money friendliness - bit high ($4 for one cookie is a bit on the steep side for a student budget)
Purchase fun - nice (quirky designed store, and free cookie voucher for accidentally forgetting our order. No hard feelings at all :))
Deliciousness factor - amazing (for what we chose anyway.)

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