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My Taylor Swift relationship with Taylor Swift

currently: listening to 'State of Grace'.

I never used to get along with Taylor Swift.
She believed in love stories. In relationships in which princes came to her window, where romances were with the boy next door, where the poofier a princess skirt the better. Taylor Swift's world had sugar, spice and all things nice.

And it turned me into a dark hole.

It was like trying to deal with the happiest person in the world. The type of person where they were a sponge of happiness, sucking in all positive energy from everyone around them and hogging it all for themselves.
Or like those people who ridiculously overdo the edits to their photos to the point where it looked like a unicorn threw up on it.

Taylor Swift


But then one by one, hit by hit, you get to learn more about Taylor Swift.

I don't know if it became a tolerance for her, kind of in the same way you tolerate asparagus. Lyrics stopped feeling as irritating, music began to feel more than recycled four chords.

And then she released Back to December.

"You gave me roses, and I left them there to die."

I still maintain the belief that this is one of her better songs. I don't know why. Maybe it's because Princess T-Swift is a bit flawed and can actually admit she was wrong. Maybe it's because she finally smacked me over my head with her heart on a sleeve and made me believe in her songs.

It finally became a case of "Oh Hey Tay, I dig it. I think we can be friends."

Things went on the up. I really liked her song 'The Story of Us'. I started spending more time with her. Tried to get to know her better. Started feeling less ashamed that I knew the lyrics to her songs.

But then, her new single from Red came out.

I got my radio and spoke to Taylor Swift. "Really Taylor Swift? Really? What happened to all the lyrics? All the deep emotions? All the meaningful belief in love and relationships and such? You write it all off with the lyrics 'we are never, ever, ever getting back together'?"

"Like, never.". WHAT?

It didn't help when her music video involved her bandmates in dancing critter costumes.

I thought that was my end with Taylor Swift. She returned to the intolerable singer who had nothing intelligent to say. Who went into the extremes of love, and came out to the other extreme of sounding like a 14-year-old ditz. I could no longer associate myself with someone like that.

But something compelled me to give her a second chance. Was it the fact that the album was called 'Red' (my favourite colour)? Was it because I really liked her new outfits? Or was it some sort of curiosity that compelled me to listen?

It started with State of Grace. Then Red. Then Treacherous.

And now I know. One bad song cannot really tear me and Taylor Swift apart. And it's not some fad. I took a break from her for two weeks and I come back to her tracks caught in a repetitive trance.

View counts on Taylor Swift youtube videos are going up because of me right now.

This is probably one of the lousiest blog posts I've written this year. But Taylor Swift, this is an apology to you. I'm sorry I found you irritating. I'm sorry I couldn't really stand you at first. And then I'm sorry I almost broke up with you because of one horrible, horrible track.

But you've done it Taylor Swift. You really have. I can believe in love, romance and all the happiness that you encompass. I am now a Taylor Swift fan.

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