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Welcome to

currently: looking at that beautiful address bar.

Do you see it?

Well do you?

Yeaaaaaaah baby.

After a lot of consideration and internal debate, I decided to buy my own domain. Why you may ask? Well this blog has been my internet home for the past four years, and much like the idea of renting vs buying a home, I wanted this to officially be claimed by me (but still hosted on Blogspot of course, cause I'm too lazy to find a new CMS).

Working for the past few months has been fabulous and fun, but it did also set a goal in me to establish more of my own writing identity. Sure I love writing web articles at work and I get satisfaction out of it, but it would still be nice to have some credit in my own name and not someone else's.

So for this year, I have officially bought this domain name, and now we forge on with the hope of more posts and more (somewhat) entertaining stories.


(On a side note, can I say - setting up a domain, not exactly easy. It involves a lot of patience.)

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