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This is a Doctor 10 Appreciation Post, and other news

currently: full of too many hot cross buns and enjoying my long weekend.

Happy Easter all.
The current Hot Cross Bun Consumption 2013 total sits at 11.
The freedom to consume free hot cross buns is a dangerous thing.

But in other news, I would like to point your attention to this BBC news headline released today.

Doctor and Rose. This makes my heart and the 2005-2009 Mel very happy.
Which means reliving all this:

And this:

And in other amusing news - Justin Bieber's monkey got quarantined in Germany.

Is he still in his "downward spiral"? Cause I honestly wouldn't be surprised if this pushed him over the edge and then he shaved his head.

On a more personal note, things have been quite busy, and yet dull at the very same time. I did start of the new 21st season for 2013 yesterday though, by celebrating my good friend Ashleigh's birthday with a nice dinner and good chats.
She looked gorgeous, I said a speech, and we ate Melktart (aka South African milk tart. Happy happy me).

Happy Easter everyone. If you've got some time, check out my friend Emily and her Good Friday post on her blog. Easter (sadly) hasn't been a big deal for me this year (unless you count helping to butter 200 hot cross buns at church today as a big deal) but this was a great read, and some good reflection on what Easter is all about.

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