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NZFW 13 - Designer Selection Showcase Photo Collection

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So, ignore the fact that it's actually been a week (or a few) since New Zealand Fashion Week finished. All the photos below were taken at the NZFW13 Designer Showcase Wednesday night. For my best friend and I, we've been going to this show every NZFW Weekend since 2010. But of course with the change to the Designer Selection Showcase to be only a weekday show, I was a bit less organised with getting a front row seat. Second row had to do this time, but thankfully the venue (The Shed) wasn't too big.

In fact, Designer Selection Showcase in general doesn't feel as big as it used to be. I don't know if it's just NZFW in general not feeling as extravagant as it was last year, or if it was the smaller audience, but something was a bit lackluster.

What was a great improvement though was the use off real sized women models, who actually looked like they enjoyed the occasional pie, and didn't look like a cigarette sucked out their joy. Models who look unhappy really make a difference.

Anyway it's hard to recall all the fashion designers and favourite pieces of clothing, but here's some of the pieces that stood out for me.

Overall a good show with plenty of older and new designers showing off their work. And if you wanted to know what the top front seat goodie bags were like:

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