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Two Years Ago Today.

currently: reminiscing.

A lot can happen in the space of two years. In the space of six months. In the space of just a week, or even a day.

Today marks the day I started my final year of university back in 2012, where I embarked on a year to become the journalist that I had set myself to become. I launched myself into something that was honestly bewildering and frightening, and a little doubtful.

It's true what they say about comfort zones; you don't start living until you live outside of it. I remember the days leading up to my first day of third year university. I had slight (high) anxiety, had second-guessed myself a million ways to one, and had almost dropped out of my major because I thought "what career will I manage in journalism?".

Having doubt is awful. It truly does kill the spirit, passion and your trust.

But it's amazing when you think back, like I am right now, and realise how silly you were about everything. I remember how I let other people's comments get into my head, those who thought I'd never actually make it out in the media world because I was too quiet. Or that people kept telling me the media is dying and I'd never get a job. Or how I hated the fact that my university timetable was five days a week and had hauntingly laid its classes out into the shape of an X, like some kind of warning sign.

It's silly when I think back on it now. I mean it was a pretty awful timetable, but I can happily say that I don't regret stepping outside of my comfort zone, meeting people, hearing stories, writing stories, getting stressed, having a quarter-life crisis at 21 years, getting the most ridiculous opportunities, and making good friends.

I guess when I say these things, it's not as much as for me to give myself a pat on the back and say "You know, you did a pretty good." But for anyone else, for the people in my life who may be starting university or facing that day I had two years ago and wondering "Am I making the right choice?"...

Well, let's just say two years from now, you will thank yourself for how far you've come.

And my doubts are long gone.

(side note - to be fair, I'm not a journalist. But in that year, I really felt I was. And some of those journalist habits I have take a while to die. But I still thank my journalism degree for where it has led me. That's all that matters.)

Also, if you are a uni student, enjoy this from what I wrote 2 years ago.

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