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Day 3 of Asia - you know Easter exists?

currently: freezing but I don't want to bother turning off the air conditioning.

In New Zealand, Easter is a pretty big deal. Even if you're not a Christian, New Zealanders are happy to partake in the traditions of Easter - in the form of chocolate Lindt bunnies, giving kids Easter eggs the size of their heads, and then joining in the festivities of Easter Shows and Easter weekend sales.

In Malaysia, you could wake up and not even know such a holiday existed. You won't see many special celebrations, hot cross buns, or even a chocolate Easter egg. If you want to find Easter in Malaysia, you have to seek it out yourself.

We actually had an amazing Easter service yesterday at the Calvary Church that my aunt belongs to. When you think of Easter production, you think of a typical play of Jesus on the cross, acted out by some of the youth and maybe a couple of drama-enthusiastic adults. But what my aunt failed to tell us was that their Easter production was a full-fledged magic show/sermon. The most ridiculously different church service I've ever had.

Exactly how does magic and Easter connect together? Surprisingly well if you're testing your faith by putting your head in a guillotine. It's amazing the ways people create and illustrate biblical messages like faith and hope.

On the other side of the big, production-filled church/magic show service - this morning we celebrated Easter Sunday at a small Anglican church, who took a quiet communion, and then handed out red shelled hard-boiled eggs. I've never ever had an Easter where I was handed a real egg, instead of a chocolate one.

But do you know what's common about both these types of church services? The minute you leave the church, there are no longer signs of Easter existing. And for someone, like me, who enjoys the meaning of Easter and the importance it has, it's sad that outside of the church walls, not many others are impacted by the season. No one is realising "oh we have the day off because this is when Jesus rose from the dead." Instead we all just get lunch and go shopping in Lot 10.

Spending Easter in a country dominated by the Islam culture has made this day one of the most different Easters I've celebrated.

Meal of the day:

Before church today, I got roti and a hot milo from a street vendor. I hate eating outdoors cause you always have to worry about bugs and red ants and dirt and whatever - but when you're in KL, you do as the KL people do. Eat Indian for breakfast.

Purchase of the day (because I actually bought something today!):
A twin pair of cat face rings, in both (plated) gold and silver. Bought from H&M for $14.90RM. I don't even own a cat but they're totally adorable. How could I say no to those faces.

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