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Take Note Tracks: Blame It On All About Psychosocial

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Welcome to Thursday's Take Note Tracks.

Basically it's an attempt of a weekly feature where I will share with you tracks you should take note of - whether good, bad or bizarre. Because everyone loves to be at the forefront of new music before everyone else, you indie wannabees.

George Ezra - Blame It On Me

If you live in New Zealand, you would have heard George Ezra's song 'Budapest' (currently #1 on the NZ RIANZ charts). He came to New Zealand recently where at work he did a studio interview I filmed, and honestly he seems like a funny, down to earth guy who's really talented. And when he sang a bit of 'Budapest' acapella and it captivated me. So for the past week I've been listening to George Ezra's music and fell in love with the album. The video for 'Blame It On Me' only came out a few days ago, and this song is amazing, and really catchy.
Take note: Britain's best export since Ed Sheeran. He's also super tall.

Hilary Duff - All About You

Duff is on the comeback! If you heard 'Chasing the Sun', don't turn away from this new Hilary Duff track. Yes, 'Chasing the Sun' is awful. Cringeworthy on so many levels that even the 90s aren't sure they want their track back. But this single, 'All About You', is actually decent. It's catchy ("Hey baby baby"), with a cross sound between Taylor Swift and classic Avril Lavigne.
Take note: This is what dreams are made of.

Brooke Fraser - Psychosocial

There's something in the water that is making NZ's sweetheart Brooke Fraser not sound like Brooke Fraser. 'Psychosocial' is the first song Brooke has released in a good while (her last album Flags came out in 2010). So I was quite excited to hear the new music she had been working on. But as soon as you listen, it's not a Brooke Fraser you know. This track isn't upbeat, it isn't backed mainly by a guitar or piano. A heavy drum beat, a weird haunting choral group - it's all very different. But in a great way because this is quite dramatic and attention grabbing; it grows on you. But it sounds a lot like current Kimbra. I don't know if that's a coincidental, but it's like we've all taken a cue from Lorde and made our music a little more twisted...
Take note: Brooke Fraser is not the same person she was 12 years ago, and it's a good thing.

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