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2014 American Music Awards (AMA) Fashion Review

currently: listening to Echosmith 'Cool Kids'

I'm going to admit it - I don't get the AMAs.
I know the AMAs stand for 'American Music Awards', so you'd think the condition of it will be to celebrate American music - but then you have UK boy band One Direction winning the biggest awards, and then NZ's own Lorde and Australia's 5 Seconds of Summer featuring in the show... Last I checked, UK, NZ and AU did not actually count as America. But hey, at least it was interesting. and so was the red carpet. Time for another round of awards for the best, bizarre and real bad of fashion.

The 'Tea time Ariana Grande' Award

Meghan Trainor
Awarded for looking super cutesy and girly, like how Ariana used to appear a year ago (yup, a year ago she was wearing tea dresses), at least Meghan Trainor's tea time outfit has a little bit of attitude and a bold lip clutch. Where as Ariana Grande is only full of air and duck faced lips.

The 'Outfit Most Likely To Be Made of Hair' Award

Nicki Minaj
While it's a reasonably alright outfit, I couldn't help but think that the entire dress was just made to look like her hair. At first glance they just all kinda blur into each other.

Best American cliche group outfit

One Direction
They may have won artist of the year, but they also nailed the five most cliche looks of America. I mean you've got the 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy', the classic beach dude look, the Justin Timberlake/Ryan Seacrest, Danny from Grease, and the historical American pilgrim. Way to celebrate the American culture, boys.

'The X Files' Award

Jennifer Lopez

I'm sorry but am I the only one distracted by the lack of bellybutton? Yeah she looks fit and well toned, but if you don't have a bellybutton, you're not human. You're just not normal. You're Kyle XY. Man, I missed that show.

The Visually Confusing Award

Gulianic Rancic

The strategically placed white portion of her dress made me visually cast my eye to her, what appeared to be, disjointed weird arm. Which started me on a weird train of thought to this SNL skit with Kristin Wiig and her tiny doll hands and giant forehead. And now that's all I think about when I see this dress.

Worst Dressed Male Nominees:
Jaden Smith (left), Ansel Elgort (right)
Why does Jaden Smith get invited to events like this, and think it's okay to hold up his phone to show off his background of himself? I'm surprised there's a hat big enough to fit his big head.
And I don't know who Ansel Elgort is but everything looks like it doesn't fit properly...

Worst Dressed Male though goes to..

Frankie Grande
Who let him become a 'thing'. Please, stop.

Best Dressed Male was easy to choose.

Sam Smith
He always gets it right. I guess this is why they invite people from the UK like Sam Smith - for extra class.

and now, to everyone's favourite section: best and worst dressed female.

Let's start with Worst Dressed Female Nominees
Olivia Munn, Heidi Klum, Bleona Qereti
I like you Olivia Munn but your outfit looks really cheap. Like cheap Christmas table runner from a Japanese $3 mart, where you also got your jewellery and belt for a 3 for $10 deal.
Heidi Klum, your outfit isn't sexy just because your leg is sticking out. It looks like an ice skating outfit for a 14 year old.
And I have no idea who Belona Qereti is but it was clearly to wear as little as possible. There's one at every awards.

But Worst Dressed Female had to go to...

Zendaya Coleman
Diana Ross called. She doesn't want her outfit back either.

And now, to save our eyes - Best Dressed Female Nominees
Rita Ora, Jordin Sparks, Jhene Aiko
Rita Ora always looks fab, and she honestly looks like the happiest person out on the red carpet, with her bright yellow canary dress.
Jordin Sparks looks absolutely fab, with her "spark"ly dress (sorry couldn't help myself) and her diva hair which just makes her command the red carpet, in the best way possible.
And I have no idea who Jhene Aiko is but her look is super adorable. I feel like it just reflects her personality, even though I have no clue what her personality is like. It's just the perfect dress for her.

But if I had to choose one female as Best Dressed Female at the AMAs...

Everything about it is flawless. From the perfect length of the split, to the accessories, the gold accents, and her hair just resting perfectly. I want that outfit. I want that look.

And just when I thought we were done -I forgot the classic award:

The Lady Gaga Award.
That face. Congrats Taylor Swift.


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