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2015 MTV Movie Awards Fashion Review

currently: feeling cold and listening to Ed Sheeran.
So I had no idea MTV Movie Awards were on today. Everyone was busy talking about Coachella and Ed Sheeran and that new Lip Sync Battle show that this seemed to have slipped most people's radars. And as far as I know, nothing that interesting happened during the MTV Movie Awards. John Green was all excited, Vin Diesel sang, and Robert Downey Jr was all cocky Robert Downey Jr in front of the other Avengers. Nothing too memorable.

But, as I normally do, I had a flick through the red carpet fashion and it's kinda like seeing a more casual version of the MTV VMAs, or a dressier Teen Choice Awards. There's just so much to say about the fashion, guys, the fashion.

First off, I'd like to start by giving an award to someone who looks like the Generation's Reese Witherspoon, because she always looks flawless and doesn't seem to age.
Brittany Snow. Do you know she's 29? I swear she's been playing teenager roles for more than half her life now.

And while we're talking tiny dopplegangers, the Angelina Jolie/Vanessa Hudgens lookalike goes to...
Maia Mitchell. Who seems really familiar to me or maybe it's just cause she's dressed like Wednesday Adams.

Weirdest Dress Weaving (because I don't know if I really like it or not...) had to go to this person here:
The collar of Bella Thorne's dress reminds me of some sort of sea coral. And the front of her dress, whatever that weird blue thing is, only reminds me of Fonterra's logo.

Most Unexpected Outfit Award was a surprising pick:
Amber Rose, because she actually wore clothes that covered something. I mean the dress is probably pulled a bit too tight but the fact there's something pulling tight other than strategically placed tassels or chains is an improvement from anything else she's worn to award shows this year.

On the opposite side of surprises, the underwhelming, Best Looking Pajamas go to:
Jessie J. Just look at her sparkly PJ set.

There weren't many couples on the carpet, but there was one memorable, Best Looking Couple:
Mark Ruffalo and daughter Bella. Because Dad and kid combos are adorable that I'll even look past the Vans.

And Best Pantsuit which honestly feels like the regular category of 2015, only needed to go to one person.
Scarlett Johansson is styling herself how people like Jane Fonda should do it. I don't know if that's insulting Scarlett or Jane Fonda but that collar detail is fantastic.

Now, as we get to the nitty gritty of it all, here are my Worst Dressed Female Nominees:
Hailee Steinfeld for involving every type of textured material she could think of. Lace boots, sheer top, ruffled front, mesh skirt... too much.
Victoria Justice for wearing an outfit that looks like it was stolen from Ariana Grande or a Dancing with the Stars contestant - what kind of shape is that meant to be.
Charli XCX. I've realised now she looks like a cross between Lorde and Lady Gaga. But the fact is it wasn't raining on the red carpet and her colourful jacket dress is more suited to weather at a UK event.

But in the end, Worst Dressed Female goes to...
Emily Ratajkowski, for proving just because you're good looking doesn't mean you can get away with wearing anything. This included her confused bright green cocktail dress/bejewelled bikini top. Not all contrasts are complimentary.

The Best Dressed Female nominees are...
Katie Stevens, in this adorable white studded dress.
Rebel Wilson for rocking a dress with a cape on the carpet. Bonus points for the pop of colour.
Cara Delevingne for her gothic purple lace thing which would look ridiculous on a lot of people, but annoyingly suits her really well.

But for Best Dressed Female I had to pick this adorable and well tailored dress from a girl I've never heard of before:
No idea where Holland Roden is from but her structured well-cut dress is both modest, classic and playful all at once. With on point make up and hair, and that subtle sneaky blue heel is that perfect bit extra.

And if there had to be a Lady Gaga award,
Bai Ling. Well a red carpet ceremony doesn't feel complete if one person isn't dressed as a literal bronzed dragon.

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