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How to deal with your wanderlust envy

currently: listening to Hallelujah from Panic! at the Disco.
Everyone's leaving. Everyone.

I don't know if it's because I'm 23 or because it's just the year everyone wants to travel, but it's like everyone took the opportunity to go to America, or Europe, or Fiji, or Japan on holiday or their big OEs... While I'm still here in little same Auckland. And I'm not going to lie, I'm envious.

So what do you do when you're by yourself and your Facebook/Instagram timelines are filled with happy, colourful travel snaps?

Sit alone by yourself and hate on the world.

Well not actually. But I've realised that it's worthless to just stare with scorn at my social media feeds. I've got time to use that those people travelling can't do. So I wrote a list of things that will deal with my envious nature, and maybe yours too.

Things to do to beat wanderlust envy.

1). Watch lots of TV shows. 
Do you know what you can't do if you were travelling? Watch an entire TV series. Yes while your friends are overseas enjoying the scenery, you could be enjoying the heartstopping cliffhangers on Pretty Little Liars, Game of Thrones - or Dancing With the Stars NZ. (You got this Simon Barnett.)

2). Get buff. 
While that friend of yours eats through America, what are you doing? Looking good. Looking hot. Looking fineeeee with all the Es included. They're drinking cheap 6 pack beers, you're pumping out 6 pack abs. They come back with deep fried cheese regrets, you welcome them back with defined chiseled pecks. You see what I'm saying?

3). Eat at all the fancy places in your town.
The only places your travelled friends can recommend and talk about are places you can't even visit for a group trip. Meanwhile look who went and ate somewhere so delicious without them. You. And you'll be gracious enough to be the one giving them a tour guide of their own town when they get back. You're just that good of a friend.

4). Become an expert in a language for the places you do want to go.
So your friend has travelled to Spain without any knowledge of Spanish. You won't do that - when you go to Spain you're going to be so fluent that your language skills will impress this rich socialite who will take you on their fancy yacht where you'll end up meeting Channing Tatum and join his inner circle of friends where he'll offer to take you to Hollywood and work as his Instagram manager. Why Channing Tatum was there at the fancy yacht party you won't really know but all this time prepping for your trip and learning Spanish before you go - it only leads to success.

5.) Learn from their travels.
Okay I'm more serious about this one. Yeah it sucks to still be living a routine life but there is always the benefit to find out from them what are the best sights to see and the best places to stay. Think of them as your vacation test dummy. Their travel tales can only help you make your trip better. So write a list, plan your ultimate vacation trip and start saving, cause that is already putting your wanderlust envy into wanderlust action.

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