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The WOW that is Wellington's World of WearableArts

currently: listening to 'Something in the Way You Move' by Ellie Goulding.

I'm sorry NZFW but I have a new favourite New Zealand fashion event.

You may have noticed that this year I didn't write about NZFW like I normally do. I still attended as I did every year (PROOF!), and saw the Designer Fashion Showcase like always, but was kinda underwhelmed by the way it has been turning out. From the lack of established designers in the Designer Showcase, to the dropping designers that used to appear at the Garage Sale (no Blak!) - there were less highlights compared to the year before. The only good new points that came out of this year's NZ Fashion Weekend was a more spacious Garage Sale on two floors so it wasn't as crowded, and just a lot more selfie competitions (if you like selfies, and competitions.)

But none of that matters anymore because I have a new fashion event to love - the World of WearableArts.
It's been a goal of mine to go for a number of years now, but it was only this year that the timing with work and money made it finally perfect to attend. I always knew that World of WearableArt was a fashion and design competition - but I think I underestimated what sort of event it really was till I actually attended it.

We bought tickets for the last Sunday show of the season in seats to the right of the stage. There's a great vibe when you walk in, as a hobo looking band act as the preshow entertainment, and giant puffy white clouds hang from the ceiling. Everyone who's bought the $25 WOW 2015 Finalists book are flicking through, and while they're doing that, I'm peoplewatching. I noticed a few things about the WOW audience.

1) There were quite a number of older ladies attending in decent sized groups, and at least one of them in each pack was holding a tablet.
2) There were groups of kids attending, coming with a group of mums scolding them as they yelled at each other while trying not to spill their wines.
3) That a number of people were very casually dressed as if it was a trip to the mall. Which made me feel a bit overdressed. Only slightly.

Unfortunately before the show started, we were told there were too be no photos or videos taken in the audience. So the only glimpse I can give you is this.

Highlights - WOW 2015
Watch some of the incredible highlights from the World of WearableArt Awards Show 2015 - what did you think of the show? #WOWInWLG
Posted by World of WearableArt (WOW) on Monday, 5 October 2015

The show centered around a man who had flown into this mysterious woodsy location. A vibe that's kind of steam punk, kind of Tim Burton, and a circus musical stage show all in one. It was so overwhelming as all these amazing outfits and costumes filled the stage around the dancing and flying clouds.

Avant Garde Section
Posted by World of WearableArt (WOW) on Saturday, 10 October 2015

At first I couldn't take it all in. Visually it feels so busy as so many things are happening. But while there's the main stage, there's also five spinning stages that allow every corner of the audience get a better look at each costume. So once it got into a rhythm of watching your stage and then the dance act in between, you feel much better about taking in the whole show. Without it you feel like you're having an anxiety attack and FOMO all at once.

What I loved most (other than the costumes) was the seamless transitions between each set. There was no 'curtain intermission' between each act and category showcase. From the woods, to the giant volcano tent, to the giant red love orb - each dance move was purposefully chosen and stage trap doors positioned so you never notice all the props and set disappearing abruptly.
It's hard to pick favourites from the show because there were so many spectacular elements on all the outfits and costumes.

Winner of Childrens section goes to 'For Annie' by Doreen Helms & Susan Thurner, NZ #WOWinWLG #Congrats #AwardsNight
Posted by World of WearableArt (WOW) on Friday, 25 September 2015

The Alice in Wonderland bunny was adorable and whimsical as it bounced around the stage in the Children's section.

Each hexagon pulsed on the outfit as if it was like moving with music or given a heart beat.

To Be Or Not To Be by Joanna Peacock, United Kingdom
Posted by World of WearableArt (WOW) on Friday, 2 October 2015

This caterpillar lady actually had another two crutch walkers as part of one entry from the UK. No surprise it won an award.

Congratulations to our 2015 WOW Section Winners! Man Unleashed Section: Piper of the Lights by Chris Wilson & Gary Wilson, Upper Hutt, New Zealand.
Posted by World of WearableArt (WOW) on Friday, 25 September 2015

I love stuff that light up. That's really nerdy of me but it's probably why I loved this one as much as I did.

And I love light windswept fabric so this was another favourite.

There's honestly so much in a two hour World Of WearableArt show that my description really gives it no justice. But it left me feeling so inspired and in awe - and I'll say it's been a few years since a fashion show made me feel like that.

Sorry NZFW, WOW has taken a place in my heart.

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