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Food Tour Party: Little & Friday (Ponsonby, Auckland)

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If you weren't looking for Little & Friday while driving down Douglas Street, you don't know what you're missing out. The bright white brick building blends into the urban Ponsonby area, but what's hidden inside is the home to a bakery brand famous to local Aucklanders.

According to my Food Tour Party friends, Ponsonby's Little & Friday is one of the bigger buildings of the franchise - not exactly packed with tables but better sized than the one that's apparently half cafe/half fabric store. The decor inside is clean, bright and fresh. With high ceilings, long wooden tables, a small tap that dispenses sparkling water, and a coffee area that looks like a craft work station, this place looks like something out of a Scandinavian lifestyle magazine.

The little cafe is already busy at 11.30am, as the four of us steal the corner of a long wooden table. Advocates for fresh, free-range and organic, the choices at Little & Friday feature delicious oven treats and sweet decorated things. They colour the counter and are presented beautifully, giving too many options for my eyes and stomach to choose from.

After a lot of internal conflict, I happily select a pea, mint and feta fritatta for lunch, and chocolate beetroot cake with salted caramel I just can't deny myself in my excitement.

The frittata was delivered to me warm and decorated with fresh lettuce and a melting feta sauce. Crisp lettuce, melted cheese, and soft potatoes and peas filled you up right away. The same could be said for all our dishes which weren't hearty meals, but just a great serving size. The prettiest one was definitely my friend's muesli with rhubarb and almond milk. At first taste she declared "okay, no regrets on ordering this guys!"

By the time I finished my frittata, there was almost no room for the chocolate beetroot cake with salted caramel. Almost. I cut up the little mountain of cake to share between us four and it satisfied all our sweet craving. The cake was crumbly yet it wasn't too dry because of the salted caramel drizzled on top. And while rich in colour and chocolate, you didn't feel sickly eating it.

When we reluctantly got up our seats 20 minutes after I finish my last bite of cake, all of us were full. Very full, and satisfied. That feeling of satisfaction only comes from dishes you know taste good, make you feel good, and are good for you all at the same time. So next time you're driving down Douglas Street, look out for a bright white building. You'll be excited to know what you'll find inside.

Food Party Tour review:
Money friendliness - A Friday treat with the cabinet about $7-$11 on average.
Purchase fun - Lots of options that are full of colour and instagram worthiness, plus toy table numbers for extra quirky.
Deliciousness factor - Delicious and filling - and dessert is easy to share with friends.

(cheers to my friend and Food Tour Party participant Emily who took photos of food and the one of the dinosaurs.)

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