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That one weird movie with a talking tongue [Day 28 of Thankfulness]

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When I was younger, my sister and I loved this film called 'Kung Pow! Enter The Fist'. It's a really stupid film but one of my absolute favourites because all this film is just one American guy who's dubbed over an entire Chinese kung fu film and put his face into the storyline. And it's brilliant.

Before the proper days of YouTube, we would laugh while watching this show on DVD over and over again. And then laugh as we quote it over and over again. We'd make noises and yell out "Chosen one!" to each other because no one else outside our family had a clue what we were talking about. I love that movie so much because it is so funny.

Put it plain and simple - laughter is such a great gift. Not because it makes you feel good, but because it heals and resets the soul. On my worst days when I need time to myself, I'd often sit in my room and just watch hilarious TV shows till I feel better, or wake up first thing and watch something funny to start my day feeling good.

And sometimes when my sibling was in a funk, I'd just bring up an old inside joke to lighten the mood, and everyone could feel better again.

Laughter settles anger like a blanket over a wild flame. I think of people I've fought with in the past; friends I would bump into months or years later forgetting what we were angry about - and the minute we found something to laugh about, it was like nothing changed.

So while laughing is just a reaction that sometimes we're not even noticing it, it's amazing and wonderful in the way it can transform one's sadness or anger.

With that, I leave you clips of one of my favourite films. If you ever want to watch it, I've got a copy of the DVD...

(This is not an intelligent film by the way...)

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