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month of thankfulnessthoughts

Testing your friends [Day 30 of Thankfulness]

currently: listening to 'Say You Like Me' by We The Kings.

One of the greatest achievements in my life is the amazing people I am so lucky and blessed to call my friends.

When I was 10, I wrote an entry in my diary to rank and decide who were actually my friends on a "friend test" ranked to "Melissa's Standard" (remember - I was 10 years old). I rated them on their sense of humour, their trust, whether or not they would tease me, and whether or not they laughed at you (not with you.) I'd tally up their scores on a bad vs good scale and then whatever majority of a side they were on determined whether or not they were bad or good to hang around. The results were a bit mixed in the end...

I thank God that I don't actually need some sort of standardisation test to know who is a good friend to me or who isn't. Because friends are more than just the people you like to have lunch with, or the people whose Facebook statuses you like if they're kinda funny enough for a thumbs up.

Great friends are people that despite everything you do (good or bad) - they always will be there for you because to them, you're worth caring for.

It's the people that will drive out of their way to pick you up, drop you off, and will let you sing stupidly along to the radio in between.

It's the people that will let you whinge about your problems and be sure that by the end of it, you feel better for it.

It's the people that, despite being almost an hour late to meet them, will still buy you an overpriced drink and hang out with you even longer.

It's the people that, when you screw up and make stupid mistakes, will check that you're alright first before anything else.

It's the people who see the potential in you and want you to be treated for your extensive worth, especially in times when you don't see that worth in yourself.

It's the people that care to meet you and see you, not because it's their duty, but because it's what they desire.

It's the people that want to be part of all your life's moments - even the dark ones you don't want to talk about.

And it's the people that you will always make sure are safe and well. Even let them sleep in your own bed because you know that's the safest place they can stay for the night.

I don't need to tally the rights and wrongs of my friendships to decide who I love and care for. And I may be crazy emotional right now, sleep deprived, and having a real issue with my allergies but I don't think these words could mean any less.

To my friends today, and friends I'll have in the future - forever I am thankful for you.

I'm writing 31 personal stories about things in my life I'm thankful for. See all my posts during my month of thankfulness here.

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