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Best British Eats: London 'Food Tour Party' Special

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We travelled 27 hours, took two long-haul flights, crossed many oceans, and finally reached the big British city of London. A bustling and busy urban cityscape, London was my introduction to the other side of the Western world and the original foundations of New Zealand's European culture. We walked for endless hours in the chilling British wind and autumn weather, and the stops we had for food were our most welcome breaks. Here are some of the best and most memorable places we ate across those three days in the City of London.

Best Breakfast: Poached Eggs in Quinoa at London Grind
Located near London Bridge, this urban little kitchen was relatively small and packed, and while we were waiting for some time for our food to arrive, the delicious meal was worth the wait. My first British breakfast, featuring poached eggs, rolled in quinoa and served on a bed of rocket salad, sliced whole grain bread and fresh tomatoes; it wasn't exactly the traditional English breakfast. But as a healthy alternative, the eggs were poached perfectly and not overseasoned. A well-done breakfast focusing on simple flavours and fresh-tasting produce.

Best Lunch: Fish & Chips at Bag O' Nails
On the bucket list of food must do's in London, a pub meal is essential. And while fish & chips are a staple in New Zealand, its origins come from the British motherland. So in a strangely named tavern, not far from Buckingham Palace, we chose to have a pretty delicious fish and chip dish that they proudly displayed at the front of their menus.
Served with peas, curry sauce, tartare sauce, pickled onions, sliced bread and butter - these fish and chips were something very different from my hometown takeaways which are typically wrapped in newspaper. The fish was crispy and not too oily, the chips were just right, but the side dishes were interesting to mix with. It was a pretty filling meal that I was glad we chose to share it between two. The only downfall was how long we waited to receive our food. But to be honest, it really was the best lunch of the whole London trip.

Best Dinner: Duck and Waffle at Duck & Waffle
On my London friend's suggestion, we knew nothing about Duck & Waffle other than it was located in a pretty tall building, and that it was pretty hard to get a booking.
But my friend knew what she was doing booking a table at 9 pm on a Friday night, and we dined in the most perfect location of the restaurant - a corner view overlooking London Bridge and the Gerkin. The service there was fantastic as they really took care of you, and the waiter knew how to take the right photo.
As for the dinner - wow. We all got the famous signature 'Duck and Waffle' dish, and while I'm not typically a big duck eater, you couldn't deny how well cooked it was as the skin was so crispy, yet the meat could be easily pulled off the bone. Drizzled with this yummy mustard maple syrup, and served between a waffle and a fried egg, this dish is served all day - but it doesn't feel like you were having breakfast at 9 pm. A perfect meal with a perfect view.

Best Sweet Street Food: Nosteagia Bubble Waffle
Sometimes you can ignore a sweet-tooth craving, but as we walked past this small street facing stall in Shoreditch, the cravings call out to you. This fusion food stall put together 'bubble waffle' with delicious sugary toppings that, on a cold autumn night, can be a delicious warm comfort. I chose marshmallows and chocolate as my toppings and it was a sweet, sugary, Instagram-worthy dessert.

Best Savoury Street Food: Matador from Pieminister, Borough Market
The famous Borough Markets in London had so many choices and options inspired from a range of ethnic flavours. However, when the weather is cloudy and the wind is making your nose cold, it's perfect pie weather. The pies from Pieminister are a decent size, and my Matador pie was generous with the filling. Gourmet in style, the beef steak and chorizo meats are swimming in a generous spicy buttery sauce. All it was missing for a final British touch was a side of peas and a drizzle of gravy.

And just on a side note - London eatery names are on point with their puns.

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