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Kangaroos in the winery [Video Postcard from Melbourne]

If there was one thing I didn't expect to see in Melbourne, it was kangaroos. Real wild, bouncy kangaroos without a care in the world.

Check my first blog YouTube video, my postcard from Melbourne, and read more of my High/Lows below:

Melbourne Highs:
1. Seeing kangaroos jump in the wild out in the Yarra Valley! My cousin who had been living in Melbourne for 9 years told me it was the first time they had ever seen a wild kangaroo. I had such excitement seeing two, probably not helped by the wines we had sipped through moments before.
2. Watching a glam rock girl band in a bar/club called Yah Yahs. It was 70's flicked hair, latex body suits and a woman screaming about her ex-boyfriend with glam rock flair.
3. Sitting at the outdoor exhibit at the National Gallery of Victoria, lying in a beanbag under the Melbourne afternoon sun, writing blogs.
4. Coming home with a lot of brand new clothing - the majority coming from H&M's sale rack.
5. Squeezing all that plus two bottles of wine in a 15kg luggage!

Melbourne Lows:
1. Not having enough time to see St Kilda, which I've also heard heaps about!
2. Having the largest blister develop on my right heel on Friday - and it only grew as I avoided popping it for the rest of the trip. It was Tuesday by the time I dealt with it and by then it was bigger than my thumbprint.
3. Walking to the Queen Victoria Market for a delish French fruit custard pastry - only to find out they don't open on Mondays.
4. Drunk women on my Jetstar night flight to Melbourne - and then the same woman appearing on my overnight flight back! The chances...

Till the next journey!
Much love, Mel

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