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Why NZ is allowed to celebrate our Prime Minister giving birth

"Breaking news, a woman gave birth to a baby. Why is this news?"

This is just one of many negative comments spotted under the news announcement of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's baby.

Sure, be cynical. Question the fact that this is news. Because yes, the essence of this story is about a woman who did what thousands of other women did today: birth a child into this cold, unforgiving world. But the significance of this event is bigger than a woman and her newly born daughter.

Our Prime Minister was one of 17 or so women today who gave birth at Auckland City Hospital. A big moment in modern NZ history. Because in a time where women can still be looked down for choosing a career or choosing a family, or choosing to do both, well here is a world leader who is achieving everything she strives for: a child and career.

Let's not forget how it was mere months ago when a small-minded man with access to a television audience told middle-class NZ that he thought it was acceptable for an employer to ask a potential female candidate their future childbearing plans (he probably assumes that the boss in question is male too).

And while I can barely keep my daily schedule in check, let alone the future occupancy of my womb, it should never decide how effectively I can do my job or the way in which I will pursue my career.

Jacinda Ardern isn't doing anything new. Women are fantastic multi-taskers. They can be smart, savvy and brilliant contributors to the workforce and to families.

The difference in Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is that all eyes are on her. And she's still not backing down on either motherhood or ministerial front.

That's what today's small-minded naysayers need: Proof a woman can run a country and run a home. That she can play two roles, and with the support of people around her, she can successfully achieve both. Everyone needs support in raising up a child. And should I ever accidentally cross that baby bridge myself, I want a society to accept my life choices and encourage my aspirations in no matter path a choose: career, children, or both.

And most importantly, we and our country's future women will be no lesser for it.

So no matter your political tendencies, let NZ talk about and celebrate a woman being both a mother and a world leader. Females are strong enough to do both, no matter what some people think.

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