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Hi. My name is Melissa Low to be exact. But I like being called Mel.

I'm a short 20-something born in Auckland, New Zealand. I like to believe I'm funnier than I actually am, in the same way I think 4 million people in one country is a lot of people.

I work online for a radio station, where I get to meet people who are way more famous than I'll ever get to be. I'm a writer, a design and photography/video lover, and am a slight media nerd who loves the internet too much.

And you're on my blog.

My blog started off with very little direction, other than being a space to write all my teenage musings and thoughts.

Now, after eight years of 'the milkyway', it's become a bit more refined, a bit more carefully thought out, but still full of ridiculous musings and thoughts. Some things never change.

My blog is about me, my life, and things I see, hear and eat in this world. I eat a lot.

I'm interested in freelance journalism and photography, so hit me up!
Email: mel(at)

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The best of the blog.
Here are some of my favourite and most popular posts on my blog:
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Current and previous features:

Please feel free to post comments on any/all of the posts!
Much love,

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