At least ages are closer.

by - Thursday, February 12, 2009

currently: *eeep*-ing.

I officially think this guy is awesome.
His name - Matthew Gray Gubler. He currently stars on Criminal Minds as the freaking cool nerd Spenser Reid.

First I thought he was cute. My sis compares him to Tim Foreman, and I think Tim is adorable.

Then I saw Matthew Gray Gubler's webpage (lol, it's an actual PAGE) and now I just think he's just the freaking coolest ever. And incredibly cute.

At least this time I'm crushing on a guy that is 28 years old, rather than the 32-ish year olds I normally find myself liking... *cough*


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  1. Oh, I wonder who you may be referring to by 32 year old...

    (I also enjoy the "awwkward" at the end haha)

  2. I wonder too... *shifty eyes*