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song lyrics

Four letter words.

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Four Letter Words - a song
So many books
on four letter words
can't seem to keep up with myself.
other people have taken hold
and I feel I'm getting old
but it doesn't count on them
it counts on me

it echoes.
leave it alone
keep it in its slumber
someday you will know
when it's meant to arise
never let it become cold
but don't keep breaking off the mould
let it in time

so many looks
which wants me the most
but which is really true
too many ways to show
and lying is the best to go
give in to all desires
but I won't.


lean over
can't you hear it speak?
get ahead
won't mean a thing
but it will mean to me.

13/2/09 @12:06am
Sometimes my own words don't make sense to me.

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