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song lyrics

I fail at love.

currently: should be doing homework

I wrote this late last night before I went to bed.

I don't know if I'm going to stick this on deviantArt, I don't think it's my best lyrical work but hey, I'm not that great with love. Eh, I'll put it up anyway...I need the critical comments.
So here's a song to someone who I will never confess my love to.

Fifth - a song
You walk my way
in crowds I feel it quiets
when you smile
my heart opens with your key
you look my direction
and I keep on melting
and when you speak
I'll be the one who's listening

Cause tonight
you called on me
for a moment
I couldn't breathe
if tonight could last a lifetime
I wouldn't have to sleep
cause now, I'm where I want to be

And if we'll keep on talking
they'll be no end to what we say
won't worry about the time
I'll put away the whole day
your pale blue eyes
is all I'll keep on memory
so if I'm ever alone
I'll take it to my dreams


I could stay like this
for hours
I choose to fall in love
this way
I hear the words that they all speak
what I refuse to believe
I want to keep this moment
for me

[ch x2]
11/2/09 @ 11:30pm
I don't think I'll ever get love.

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