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Currently: Downloading music with speeds as fast as a turtle crawling on it's back.

Some part of me feels like I should be doing the meaningful blog about now...
The other part of me can't be stuffed at this current moment sadly enough.

So instead, here's the sounds to download for this week

Jim Adkins is a lead singer and songwriter, who you may know from such bands as Jimmy Eat World. They're one of my favourite bands (along with SF, RK, ESR, Anberlin, FOTC, Paramore etc.) Which is kind of surprising in a way cause I've only known about the band for less than a year, even though they've actually been around since 1993. And I was one of those that didn't know they did the song "The Middle" (youtube it. You'll know it.)

Anyway, Jim's had this solo side project called "Go Big Casino" back a while when. (early 2000s I think?)and I stumbled cross this fan lead myspace site which has for download most of the Go Big Casino songs. One of the more notiable songs - "Carry You" first began as a Go Big Casino song before making it onto Chase This Light (J.E.W.'s latest album). And the difference - big. (not a pun). Very different sounds and lyrics.
Also (another fact) - the song "Big Casino" (youtube it too. Highly recommend) is based on the name of his side project.

Overall, words aside, go download.

And listen to some Jimmy Eat World too.
(Always Be, Dizzy, Be Sensible, Work, The Middle, Bleed American, Lucky Denver Mint - all great songs.)

So goodnight. and much happy love listening.

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