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Two things you told me, that you are strong and you love me.

Currently: Listening to "Your Love Is Strong" by Jon Foreman. Hence title, that's what was being said as I was typing the title.

So....Guess what?

Today I FINALLY bought the Jon Foreman Spring/Summer EP.
After waiting since June, I managed to get a trip out there to buy a copy. (Or two. That's another story.)

If you know me, (Or have read the 3nd post made in this blog) you'd know that Jon Foreman is the same guy that sent me a message which put me in a state of such surprise, I lost feeling in certain limbs (more specifically the shoulders and kneecaps). So in celebration of my new possesion of EP holding.

Oh yeah.
(btw- that blurred stuff, not important. And no, I am not declaring my love for him.)

And here's some shameless plugging and promoting with 5 reasons why you should by Jon's Spring/Summer EP. (anymore and you'll be staring at this post for hours.)

1) "Love isn't Made." Even if it's a thunderstorm outside, it's spring to your ears.

2) Forget doing Amazing Grace remixes (although, The Almost's "Amazing Cause It Is" is the best of that out there). Jon's "Your Love Is Strong" remixing the Lord's Prayer is just, jaw droppingly amazing.

3) It's good honest music. A guy and his guitar. There is no Chris Brown bubblegum mention in this. (Don't know what I'm talking about, wiki Chris Brown's song "Forever".)

4) "A Mirror Is Harder To Hold." Lyrics pretty much kill me, specially the intro. And you have to be moved by the intro.

5) Cause I reckon he's cool. My opinion definitely counts for something.

Okay, shameless plugging and promoting over.
Thought I'd just mention that there's no Young Designers top 3 placing from me this year. But my outfit will be on stage at least.
What I'm currently eager about is this photography competition that I entered in. My photo got chosen to be exibitioned! Which in my books is even cooler than YDA. Unfortunately it's a print, so I can't show you guys unless I scan it or photo the photo. But it's dark to photo and I don't have a scanner. Fingers crossed for me that it makes a placing. That will make my year. And make my year before that.

Okay, final last thing for le big blog post.
Got shown this in Classic class today.
Absolutely brilliant.
I love Aussie tv.

Chasers War On Everything -

okay, off to bed.
Much love.

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