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Currently: kinda hot.

Food is crazy here.

In Malaysia at the moment. Koala KUALA Lumpur. (sorry Drew, no Koalas) Its been 4 years or so since I was last here.

I had a moment at the KLIA airport where I went in my head "SWITCHFOOT WALKED RIGHT HERE" when I came out of customs. (refer to Switchfoot Hearts KL special part 1. You can find it on LOBH media:

Surprising enough, jet lag ain't too bad. Went to sleep about 4am NZT (11-12am Malaysia time). Woke up about 1pm NZT (10am ish Malaysia). Didn't sleep too bad...could have been better but at least it wasn't too humid.

Gran's 80th birthday lunch thing was today.

But I forget how crazy some of the food is here sometimes.

This can be good or it can be bad.

At least the cake was good.

So anyway, after all that later at night, we (me and the fam) went to this place called the Mines. What was really awesome was the lights and stuff that decorated the river thing nearby. It was like this fairground thing.

Then next to all that, a mall. All centred around the lake thing.

And it was this place where I made my first purchase in Malaysia. Fake Gucci sunglasses. I haven't owned sunglasses in years... 15RM which equals to be about $7.50NZD. Awesome.

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