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Day 2 of Asia - I'm a sucker for awesome lights.

currently: in singapore :D

Yes, another plane trip. Only spent one day in Kuala Lumpur before I jet setted off to Singapore.

Early morning, out of bed. And in a van off to the airport.
Kuala Lumpur airport is nice and clean.
Although, food - expensive. I didn't feel like eating at those prices. So I had juice instead.

(spot the new fake gucci sunglasses? hehe.)

You would think after so many times travelling in planes, I would be used to the whole flying thing. I'm not meaning the whole heights flying thing, I mean the turbulance. That was really bad. I clutch onto the sides till my hands hurt. I mean that's what I'm most afraid of, falling to my death and all. Nothing to do with the plane ride thing. That's rational right?

Anyway, got to Singapore. It's hot. (no surprise) and a really nice blue sky (surprising). Singapore is pretty beautiful. Reminded me much of Auckland in a way. Except their motorways are full of greenery. They must really take care of the place. And all the trees, must be good for the enviroment.

So the "host" that was taking us round (we called him uncle phillip) took us to this swimming club to have lunch. Nice to see English speakers again. I'm sorry, but I'm not too great with the Asian language (actually- I pretty much fail) so Singapore is a nice change from it.
The place, really nice. Like the architecture and stuff. I really do love the way they design stuff here.
And they like their fish.

Anyway, post getting long.
Drive to hotel, rest up, and off to Clarke Quay at night, a place not far from the hotel.
And really, I can only show this in pictures.

What was seriously cool was when they changed colours. Everything changed colours and lights. Even the trees had fairy lights!
Made me wonder how big their power bill must be...

Anyway, it indeed was awesome.
If only my camera didn't act like such a stubborn box of annoyance.

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