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The Good/Bad/Ugly - Last Week of Term

Currently: Should be doing homework. Listening To 'Haight St." by Anberlin.

The Good, Bad and Ugly about the last week of the school term.

It's the last week of school term. So one week of torture before you're free. yay!

The amount of work that is given in that last week. As if people will actually do it.

The face you have when you realise how much holiday homework you have to do since you didn't do any of the work you were suppose to in the last week of term.

Result: "Old enough to know, but too young to care." Haight St. - Anberlin.

We'll just procrastinate as long as possibly can. But hey, living comes first. Regrets later. (Followed soon after by pain and late nights doing assignments...)

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