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Millionaries, Classics and the JOBROS?

Currently: bored. I still need to do my homework.

So...I had the weirdest but funny dream last night.

It started pretty normal. I was in my Classics class. Except it wasn't my Classics class. It was actually the gameshow "Who Wants To Be A Millionare." And my classics teacher was the host. (If you want to imagine, he was more of an Eddie McGuire than Mike Hoskings type of host.)
There were all these lights. And this woman. I don't know who she was...she looked kinda like Rachel Blison, except slightly older. (This may have something to do with me watching Jumper the night before. Good movie.) She was a contestant and they had suddenly skipped to the part when she had won. I don't know what she won...cause they went behind a curtain and I followed them.

To find myself in my living room.
With the Jonas Brothers.
It was pretty much a "What the...?" moment.

So...The Jonas Brothers were in my living room. And then my dining room turned into this stage.
And the boys, who seemed really nice for sugar coated factory popstars, wanted me to play with them and "rock out" (their words, not mine.)
So I was on the couch and they were all "Come on, play!"
So I got a guitar and started playing with them. Standing nearby the young Jonas Brother who was "rocking out" round the dining table. (Nick I think?)
Except the guitar was one of those guitar hero guitars.
And somehow I kept playing C and G chords on this guitar hero guitar, and I was jumping about and spinning with this guitar. Kinda getting tangled in the cables while doing so...ending up by pinning myself against a wall, getting the cables tangled.

Then we went through the door of my kitchen. Which ended up being this river thing.
So here was me and the Jonas brothers floating in a river, going round and round in circles. Seemed really fun.
Then the walls turned to be like the "Great Wall Of China" walls. And Joe Jonas (the middle one I think that is) suddenly went "Ow! My foot!"
Turns out the sides were all sharp. How I knew this was cause I put my own foot on it and I kept sticking my foot against the wall so my foot was hurting.

Then we kept going round in circles. In this river thing that was like the Great Wall Of China.

And as we were going pass I saw the Classics class, still with their curtains and their Who Wants To Be A Millionare thing.

And then I woke up. Stupid Mcdonalds ringtone alarm.

That was actually one dream I didn't want to wake up from. It was just that weird and funny.

What was weird later today was when after I told my friend Kelly about my dream in Classics, she thought she overheard someone mention the show. And then after Classics, my teacher was actually talking about Who Wants To Be A Millionare to some girls in class. Incredibly amusing when I told him about my dream.
And guess what's on tv tonight?
Yup, Who Wants To Be A Millionare.

Now all I need is to see the Jonas Brothers asking me to play guitar hero and I will be seriously creeped. Or crazy.

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