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Currently: Full of greasy noodles. And still slightly buzzed from unsuspected surprise which left me without feeling in shoulders (and possibly kneecaps)

Aeneas went through hardships and trials to achieve his destiny to found the civilization known to be the Romans today.
I sometimes wonder what my "destiny" is. (or religious equivalent)

Today, I received a myspace message from my hero, Jon Foreman.
It wasn't long, but it was enough to freaking scare me, then have my insides feel like they were on a trampoline being jumped around by a barrel of monkeys.
He pretty much was saying thanks that me and my friend have been working on a Bebo page that has his name on it.
Really, I should be the one thanking him. I mean, Jon Foreman.
But I'm greatful none the less.

What does this have to do with destiny?
Eh, nothing much actually.
I've just been studying Classics and The Aeneid has been in my mind with exams coming up.

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