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Currently: Listening to "Be Sensible" by Jimmy Eat World while "NZ's Got Talent" is on tv.

Gosh, do we even need a freaking show like this?
Mimes took 10 seconds before they got booted off.
Now this lady with a puppet only took 5 seconds.

I think that pretty much shows how great NZ "Talent" is.

And honestly, anything that does have talent are smart enough not to go on a show like that.

Now, onto real talent.
I am a really big muso fan, and currently Australian band Redruth has a free download called "Beautiful One" on their myspace. I downloaded it a week or so ago, a great soft rock song, awesome lyrics and the chorus just kills me everytime. I've been following the band for a while now and I can't wait to see big things happening with this band in the future.
So yeah, I don't know how long this download is up for. You better go get it.

And back to NZ's Got Talent.
So far, the coolest thing I've seen is a dog that can do some awesome jumping and stuff.
So yeah. Dancing dog. Awesome.

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