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"Reason in madness"

Currently: Suppose to be studying English instead of blogging.

So I was watching this documentary on 9/11 that was on the History Channel.

It's hard to believe that almost 7 (?) years ago, that happened. And that it's on the History Channel.

I was watching this show. They had on it the bunch of spectator videos and such. There only needs to be a few times of seeing the event that you have the image printed in your mind.

What really got me however, was not the event itself but the aftermath. The engulfing clouds of smoke. The screams. The grey dust that overwhelmed everything. And the people. The people that were just confused, shocked, looking of answers.

Studying King Lear right now for English, I understood why Edgar says that he achieved "reason in madness". I mean Lear, in nice terms, was off his nut. He was a pretty lousy decision maker, gave his kingdom to a bunch of undeserving suck up daughters who eventually kicked him out cause he was...just a lousy father and king. And then in a storm, Lear was able to see his blindnesss and see the "reason in madness".

But you look at something like the aftermath of 9/11 (and I mean aftermath of a few hours after it occured) and all you can see is confusion. People are asking for answers and all they can do is listen to the cops, evacuate from the area and follow the rest of the hundreds that are doing the exact same thing. But where in that do you see "reason in madness"? There was no reason for madness there. There were just stunned people unable to think or act with reason in the first place.

I don't know really. Have we found the reason in this madness yet?

I was only 10 or 11 years old at the time. Maybe there was reason, but I never understood. And maybe I still can't.
I really can't get the images out of my head now.

Gosh, this isn't gonna help for my English exam tomorrow...
Back to studying now.

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