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currently: back in NZ watching Wall.E

I've missed the smell of Auckland.
It's real cold wind.
The blue skies that are eventually spoiled by the big clouds.

and of course, the comfort of my own bed.

There are some things that can't be replicated. Home is where you feel like yourself. That you are yourself.

The plane trip back home was quite amazing.
We left Malaysia at night. The city was on fire with it's lights. I can see why they call KL the City of Lights. (Although, many places call themselves the city of lights.)
I watched Get Smart on the plane.
Then watched and listened to some stuff...fell asleep for a bit.

Then I woke up to see the plane heading towards the sunrise.
Never seen anything so gorgeous.
Beneath us there were these lightning storms, you could see the clouds light up everytime they flashed over Australia.
And the sun continued to rise.
It was beautiful.

I know I haven't posted much inbetween but I'll catch up on it soon. With many pictures.
much love.

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