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currently: hurting in KL

Even if you only spent less than 2 hours in the sun, it can still burn.
My pink arms could tell you that.
I have the meanest watch tan right now. Kind of looks like it's the shape of a t-shirt.
I've been in the sun plenty of times this trip. But I think because for once, there was no pollution blocking the UV rays, it caused me to get burnt.
Where was this place?
Genting Highlands, Malaysia.
About an hour drive from KL up in the mountains.
It's pretty much the closest to being back in Auckland as I can imagine.
It was coolish, weather was...mehh, and I could breathe clean air due to the forests of trees.
Real early drive to get there. Like...EARLY early. 7am leaving the house. Earliest ever for me this whole trip.

Spent some time in this one area of Genting - One World. Where I pretty much visited every big city under one building.
After that - AMUSEMENT PARK. Thanks to my generous uncles who gave us whole day passes to there.

Unfortunately though, I started feeling pretty lousy. (I woke up feeling sick that morning.)
Managed to ride the big swinging swing, Malaysia's first rollercoaster (kinda lame really) and a couple of others. I missed out on going on the really awesome ones, like the flying coaster, but in my state at the time, bad Idea

I really don't remember much other than feeling sick though. Which really is not the best day to go to an amusement park. I only felt better after sitting at lunch, not eating but listening to "Awakening" by Switchfoot. Instant cure really. Cause one listen and I felt so much better. Music does mend all.
Next KL holiday, will have to make another decent me-no-sick trip to Genting. I see Epic Rollercoaster rides in the future.

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