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currently: KL

Today, we embraced the KL lifestyle.
After spending yesterday doing...well nothing at all (I watched Kung Fu Panda on a pirated dvd and posted some blogs) the morning was spent in the mall as one teenager normally does.
I saw this in the arcade part of the mall which I thought was cute.
So after a morning of shopping (I didn't buy much), there was more family meet, greet and eat for dinner. Seriously having this many rellies is not healthy.

Then late at night, we went out to eat again. (as most people in KL do. And this is like 11pm to eat again. Stores can still be open till 3 am round here.)
My lil sister was pretty obsessed in having this one time in this trip.
It's called a Roti Tisu. Roti is known as this...well... this. It's good anyway. So Roti Tisu is kind of another variation. This is thin (like tissue thin) covered in butter and sugar. It's like eating popcorn, except bread/chip like version. And it's quite large.
I also tried this sour sop drink. Not too bad. Like a lychee.

So that was my late night KL experience.
If I lived here I would seriously be fat. Sometimes I can't help but eat all this food that's infront of me.

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