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Day 5 to 7 of Asia - Drew's waffle cakes, more food and swankiness

currently: Kuala Lumpur

Okay, so I spent pretty much day 5 tripping it back to Singapore. Smoother flight thank goodness.

I had a nice Switchfoot sighting that I hadn't seen before when I arrived in KL.

(if you don't know this, check out part 1 of the video Switchfoot Hearts KL on via media section)

Yesterday (Day 6) was spent doing the usual rellies greeting and food. I think I may have putted on a kilo or two...

So highlight of today's trip: On a recommendation of a friend back home, we outted to the Pavilion Mall in the centre of KL. Pretty much one big fat mall, but a mall for rich people. This is expensive brands central. Even when you look at the building it's like...all shiny. And glass.

(yes, I do realise I spelt swanky wrong.)

I think it was 6 floors of swankiness. The lanterns inside were awesome I found. All the stuff for Hari Raya, this holiday that was going on while we were there. Which means, HOLIDAY SALES heheh.
I bought some pretty funky stud earrings as Christmas pressies for friends back home. My favourite, this pair of little giraffes. *eeep*

Other than that, everything was expensive. Even with exchange rates and all. Still pricey.
I'm more a thrift store shopper.

But definitely a cool place to check out.

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