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Day 4 of Asia - It was all built up

currently: singapore.

Not much happened today except for much walking.

Started off walking towards the cathedral that was near the hotel. It was kinda cool. But I kept getting reminders about "engaged columns" and arches and stuff. Annoying Classics class reminders. (I'm sure my teacher would be glad however. I'm thinking about class when I'm on holiday.)

Anyway, we moved on to the Raffles City Mall. The mall is filled with all this expensive stuff, but that's not the interesting part (I'm a sales and bargain find girl)
What was interesting was the entrance.
The idea is that in front of the artwork and the mall entrance, there are these two windows (red and blue) that are coloured glass, and when you look through them, you see a clear image.

Okay, I have NOT altered these photos at all except to put the colour layer on top of the image, and I made the image bigger too. But if you take the original photo and do it yourself, this is what you would see.

Strange to put infront of a mall. Maybe it's to put you off buying stuff? If it is, I didn't buy a single thing. Maybe cause I got distracted by the many different fountains in the one mall.

Anyway, after Raffles Mall (seriously, stuff is expensivvvvveeeee... huge mall, but expensive.) we travelled to Chinatown. LONG trip there, lots of MRT use, but we got there eventually.
Chinatown was hot and very crowded. Suddenly it felt like being back in Kuala Lumpur markets. Sorry but I didn't take any photos, too many people and most stores didn't allow photography. But here's a photograph of the area I took a couple days before.(this was by a bridge which was fully lined by lanterns)

Anyway, we were just too tired to do much shopping. Walking for feet were gonna fall off from pain. We walked back to the hotel.

Walking was all worth it though. It was all built up for this. Later that night, we were seeing a relative of ours, and we went to Swensens. Swensens is pretty much the coolest icecream resturant (it sells normal food too). Four years ago, me and my cousin shared this legendary icecream and I just had to do the same again this year. So me and my dad got this:

(so cool, I had to give it special font)
Seriously, it's quite huge. The picture doesn't do it justice. Costs about $20. The 8 flavours were Cookies and Cream, French Vanilla, Lime Sorbet, Caramel, Coffee, Rum and Raisin, Almond and Yam (Yam is the worst. I mean it's bright purple which is cool, but tastes disgusting.)
Then it had various toppins like chewy caramel, lemon, fudge, blueberry...I'm drooling now just thinking about it.
And of course, I had no problem finishing it.
I love it.
It's legendary.

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