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"sinking into sweet uncertainty..."-Why I love J.E.W.

currently: listening to "Sweetness" by Jimmy Eat World

well in all honesty, I'm actually biting a spoon. The wooden handle of a spoon to be exact. One of those really big spoon, ladle type things.
Cause you know how my jaw has been locked up and I can't open it that wide?
The cure the doctor said is to bite on a pencil. Really hard. Then it's suppose to go back into place.
well we don't have a large pencil. So I have a wooden spoon.

I don't think it's working. I'm just getting bite marks in the spoon.

So as I have this wooden spoon in my mouth, trying to un-dislocate my jaw, I've been watching Jimmy Eat World videos. And will now confess how much I love them with a list:

Mellie's TOP 5 Favourite bands
1) Switchfoot
2) Jon Foreman
3) Fiction Family
4) Jimmy Eat World
5) Relient K

So yup. J.E.W. are now my 4th favourite band. 2nd if you count all Switchfoot related music as one.

So, as like a dedication, or feature...I am here to make a post on all Jimmy Eat World. (also as a distraction from my current jaw pain right now.)

First off - I love these guys. Ever since my friend Gabby told me to listen to them beginning of this year. Bless you Gabby.

Jimmy Eat World playing Sweetness live on Letterman

The music video is better but I can't embed it.
(I love the way it kinda pauses between strums)

Confession - reason I love this band is cause of Jim Adkins, the lead singer.

as stupid as it sounds, he just makes me melt. Not in a fangirly way, or maybe that is fangirly I don't know.
And for some reason, he reminds me of my Classics teacher. Maybe it's just the hair, I also don't know.

Anyway, here's a quick run down on all videos that I love of Jimmy Eat World

Always Be - Jimmy Eat World

I actually used this music in my media studies fake movie trailer for school, which was about this couple in high school, and the girlfriend who was close to suspension got knocked out with a tennis ball and the boy had to make her appear she was conscious... I would show my media trailer, but for legal reasons (apparently school has legal reasons. who knew.) I can't post it up (for now. Maybe once the actors have forgotten haha.) I got full marks for that trailer btw. hehe.

Big Casino - Jimmy Eat World
(Sorry, only able to link. Not allowed to embed)

The song they're most famous for:
The Middle - Jimmy Eat World

Real old school video. (well 2nd oldest I think...they're just too adorable)
Lucky Denver Mint - Jimmy Eat World (featured on Never Been Kissed OST)

and one last video, because it's almost midnight. One of my favourites.
Work - Jimmy Eat World

yeah he had the long hair thing a couple of years ago. Like an opposite to Jon Foreman. LOL.
"Work" may just be my anthem song when I'm leaving school. Just cause of that video.

Anyway, close to midnight now. I think I might go put the spoon away. I can't tell if my jaw is fixed.
Oh well. That was a good time waster. Much better than doing the homework that's due this Tuesday.
Crap. Maybe I should have done the homework instead. Oh well.

Much love

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