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"Tonight, honey, I'm gonna break your heart..."

currently: listening to "Broken From The Start" by Jon Foreman for the 36th time.'s been some week.
I've been having this problem with my jaw that prevents me from eating properly.
I almost "died" in netball (the term is really "almost fainted or collapsed).
We actually won our netball game 23-19.
I accidentally nominated myself for the preliminary voting of head girl for school next year and I even got votes. But didn't get shortlisted. *phew*
I have two pinpricks on my arm that still bleed from the blood tests I had to get.
I spent $31 (well...mum spent) on photos for my Photography class external assessments.
I sold bandannas for charity at school, making over $40 bucks.
I pretty much was shocked over by the death of someone on LOBH
I watched a guy shave off all his hair for cancer charity. (eyebrows included)
And as the thunder and rain comes down, I'm really tired.
Thank you Labour Day and long weekend.

Anyway, to finish off this weekday period, here's lyrics to a song (which has no music yet) that I wrote on the 22nd in memory of Liss.
(this is also up on my deviantArt. So far response to it has been good.)

So this song is a very bittersweet song. It's about life, death and the people left behind. It's about one beautiful spirit, inside and out, reaching heaven like on the wings of butterflies. So fragile to hold. This is for Liss, my pain that I wish I knew her, but my happiness that she has made it to heaven. I can never know her from where I stand, but I still find love for her like I did.

Glass Butterflies
I reach for those glass butterflies
but they're so fragile to hold
I'm watching them fly
and I'm beginning to let go
their wings too tender, too light
they glow so beautiful
as they're slowly out of my reach
nothing was ever complete

if only I knew this was real
if only I knew how you feel
with your glass butterflies

seventeen's still so young but I
know that I've learnt so much
nothing is that serious
unless you're thinking of my love
and I come to recognise
that I'm a shadow, walking into lights
would you dare blue eyes
say that you want this from your life

ch x2

I take a glance above
at your butterlies
and I look to see their wings
fly to heaven high
my hands still want your touch
and my arms still open up
and everytime I close my eyes
I see your smile

ch. x2

22/10/08 11:43pm

So...I'm off to study now.
Much love, and goodnight.

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