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currently: chillaxing.

So...Yeah the whole US election thing has been the "thing of the week"
But tomorrow, it's the NZ election for the next prime minister.
Gosh, I'm so sick of the ads and the billboards... The only amusing thing about those billboards is when people stick moustaches on them. heheh.

Anyway, here's an example of one of the ads currently playing, promoting the Labour Party.
(Quick NZ political run down. Current Prime Minister: Helen Clark of Labour - colour Red. Opposing: John Key of National - colour Blue.)

Labour Political Ad 2008

here's what it annoys me about that ad.
1) The house. Could it be any more depressing?
2) Okay, yeah, tough times. And by the looks of your house, you're already in it. So...Labour has done heaps.
3) Who still has a cordless phone in their kitchen nowadays?
4) "I just can't trust you" - Oh and you trust a lady that obviously uses photoshop on her billboard ads?

however, this ad by The Bill and Ben Political Party is genius (Bill and Ben are hosts of this funny tv show called Pulp Sport. The ad is based on another Labour ad)

Don't Trust Bill and Ben's Double-Talk - Helen Clark

That's what the real Helen Clark, current PM looks like.
And I'd actually vote for Bill and Ben. I think it would be funny if they got into Parliament. (I can't actually vote so oh well anyway.)

Anyway, speaking of other things now...

Newish band. Capital Lights brand new video.
I love the song. So catchy.

Capital Lights - Outrage

3 more school days left. *eeek*
You know what? I'm actually gonna miss school when school ends. *shock*
I actually REALLY liked this year.

My classes have been awesome. Specially photography and classics.
And 4.5/6 of my teachers are fantastic.(that .5 is for my English teacher which I like half the time.)

And then the people in my classes have actually been great.

And I've used actually WAY too many times.

I know I say this a lot, but I will miss this year.

I think I say that cause I've only had 4 1/2 weeks at school this term. Maybe if I had another 5 weeks, I'd be glad that school is ending.

School ends on Wednesday next week. And Prizegiving is next Friday. Then exams.


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