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currently: glad it's all over. The New Zealand Elections are all over. Well pretty much.

Cause after all this, it still proves to me that I hate elections.'s the results. Not official right now, but John Key and the National Party won the election with 45% and Helen Clark's Labour Party with only 33%

This means 3 things.
1) We ACTUALLY have a male Prime Minister. Rather than a woman who just sounds like a male.
2) John Key is much easier to look at. Seriously. Have you seen non-photoshopped Helen Clark?
3) And now New Zealand won't be so embarrassed about saying who their Prime Minister is.

So now, we welcome 4 long years of criticism with a brand new piece of meat to beat up.

Let it begin.

(btw- Bill and Ben Party got over 10,000 votes. Only puts them at 0.51 percent but hey, thats a lot of people voting for a party that doesn't really exist. But then, that's not much compared to the decent 950,000 votes that National/John Key got.)

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