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Last school day of year 12

You know what's always really sad about last days of school?
They're the last day of school.

I mean, yeah I personally have one more year before I go to Uni. But still, for my year 13 friends, and the ones that are moving on, it's their last day. I'm gonna miss so many of them. Especially the ones I've known and grown up with since primary school.

And I had a pretty fantastic year this year. I though it was all custard at the beginning, when the first thing that went wrong was that I couldn't take my year 12 fashion class anymore. But then through that, I got into an awesome year 13 Classical Studies class which always manage to amuse me. I don't know if it was just cause they were year 13s, or that the teacher was so sarcastic it was hilarious, but I had an awesome time in that class.
Then my English class, also year 13, never seemed to fail with the strange and random conversations. And how anything you said could actually relate to the topic, no matter how off topic you tried to be.

Then there's my other year 12 classes. Photography was ...eventful. The fact that we had changed teachers, and that there was so much money and pressure and deadlines. And the skin on my hand has gone a bit funny due to unfriendly photography chemicals. But I loved every minute of it.
Media Studies - the perks of studying tv shows. And then there was making our own trailers. AWESOME.
Journalism - my future career. It definitely took me out of my comfort spots at times. But I really liked that. I even met an awesome year 9 through interviews and stuff (even though year 9s to year 11s are generally known as the biggest pains in the school. Next to the swarms of bees.) Plus, one of the best teachers as your Journalism teacher. Always bonus.
Graphics - *sigh* One of the best feelings is the feeling that you have finished graphics. I swear its the 2nd best feeling next to winning the lottery. I spend 96% of the time hating graphics, another 80% within that hating of graphics just procrastinating it, and the rest is just slaving away hours before the due date to get it done. And after all that, the best feeling is when you get a high mark and it's all done.

And of course, all the activities I've done. Stage Challenge the biggest thing this year for me. It just proves how I love performance, even if I am backstage.

And the achievements. I've worked SO hard this year to do my best and I feel like it's beginning to pay off! Course in saying that, there's exams next week. Really should get on that too haha.

And my friends. If you look at my album link up there ^^ you will see all the awesome people I've had the pleasures of meeting and becoming close to. And how even though I have met so many people, I can still count on so many of them. Cause, they are awesome.

And I've must have said awesome at least 60 times in this blog post.

I can't help feeling happy. Yet feeling so sad.
Guess that's the thing with endings. There's a new beginning awaiting.

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