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"I hope for better in November...'

currently: should be studying. Listening to "Futures" by Jimmy Eat World.
FIRST EXAM COUNTDOWN: 5 days 3 hours 42 minutes

There's something relaxing about waking up when you want on a Friday, while everyone else has to go to school or work or whatever.

I actually feel pretty relaxed, for someone that really should be panicking that this time next week, I have a Classics exam worth 18 credits.

Is that a good thing though? To feel relaxed? Maybe its a sign that I'm just gonna let everything happen the way it happens in my exam. I mean yes I really concerned with getting highest mark possible...but doesn't seem like I'm trying. At least at this very moment.

I think I'm just rambling on with all this stuff, so I hope that I can clear my head so I can go do some serious study. I mean my friend is right now texting me that they HAVE to get as many high marks as possible, not just pass. Maybe if I type some more, my head will finally be free to dive into my Classics and English books. (My Media Studies exam is last of my worries cause that's only a level 2 exam and I can memorise an essay for that.)

Okay, still finding it hard to concentrate. I turned off my windows media player and now maybe it also doesn't help that Katy Perry's song "Hot and Cold" is playing on the radio aswell. I wish that Jason Mraz's song would come on already so I can turn it off.
Maybe I should go eat. Or get a milo.

Okay. Rambling over. I'll get a milo and get into study.
(Prizegiving tonight :D)

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