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I'd take a sleigh ride with Relient K

currently: awake but aching
FIRST EXAM COUNTDOWN: 4 Days 3 hours 10 minutes

So...I'm tired.
Not really cause of senior prizegiving last night (which I got 3 awards for. yay =D)
But because even though I was suppose to go to bed, I ended up staying up till 2:30am, trying to write a practise essay on early Roman religion which I was determined in finishing just to say that I have done some studying and stuff. But of course I haven't finished it. Cause I ended up falling asleep with the laptop on my lap.

Anyway, unintentionally woke up at 7:30am to be really achy and tired. More attempts at finishing essay...failed cause I again keep falling asleep with the laptop on my lap. And since I wasn't feeling too great, eating breakfast wasn't fun.
So as you can see, not a great start to the morning...

So, after a shower and all, I come back, finding this newsletter from Relient K, advertising their new video which I had not seen, but heard of anyway.
So, being kinda out of it, I played the video. And now I'm happy again.

Sleigh Ride - Relient K

Maybe it's just listening to Matt Theissen sing, or the fact that Matt Theissen is a bunny...I dunno but normally Christmas songs depress me. But this just proves that I will always love Relient K. =D
So now that I'm happier, back to study XD

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