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"You're the banana king Charlie!"

currently: listening to "Blister" by Jimmy Eat World - off their Clarity album of 99.

Okay. I know that quite a few would be saying to me "Mellie, why aren't you doing your homework?! Your exam is coming up!"
Well...Sometimes you just need to relax from school and life and love and why.
(mmk. I snuck in a Switchfoot reference there...)

Anyway, this is why I am slacking off for the moment.

I'm relaxing. With Charlie the Unicorn. XD

So, how many have you seen Charlie the Unicorn? *people raise their hands*

Okay, so this is the FIRST Charlie the Unicorn video.

And here is the 2nd one which I have only just seen today:

Charlie the Unicorn 2


Gosh, their voices are so high pitched which makes them SO annoying. But still funny none the less.

Anyway, I forgot to do this to Jon, but I'm certainly not gonna forget Jim Adkins on my blog.

Happy birthday Jim Adkins! 33 today (10/11/08). Lead singer of Jimmy Eat World.
He's awesome.

Okay, I'm going back to study now. I swear.

2 more days of school!

Much love.

(40TH POST. EVER. Feel free to Woot.)

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