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The lovers. The dreamers. And me.

currently: listening to "Rainbow Connection" by Jason Mraz. Which is orignally done by Kermit the Frog on the Muppet Movie. (which I didn't know till today.) I'm debating whether to rename this blog "The lovers. The dreamers. And me." It's such a nice line. Hmm...

Anyway, I know I just posted a blog. But I felt I haven't blogged enough. Maybe its just the mood I'm in. The mood where you haven't had enough to say and the words spill out like word spew. Or maybe it's the fact that the year is almost over and I feel like I'm not anywhere near finished with this year. Or it could be the fact that I've been reading other blogs and I have more to say.
Either way you put it, I'm rambling onto a computer screen. Who knew that rambling could occur in such a fashion that my hand moves so fast that I can't even control the amount of words that seem to flow from brain, to my fingertips onto Romshi (the laptop) creating rhythms with the almost melodic tapping and clicking that it's making. And that if you read that last sentence, you may not be able to read this one cause you would have passed out because you were unable to take any breaths.

Think I've been playing Word Challenge on Facebook WAY too often. That game is way too addicting.

I really should be going to bed right now. I've spent so many days since Christmas (which I actually think it isn't many) going to sleep at 2am and then waking up at 11am. But that may be because for the past week I've had a cold that has kept me putting my head on my pillow only to be forced to sit up again as I would have gotten into a irritating coughing fit with a dry fault that I can only blame summer and germs for.

Being sick sucks.

I desire to sit on a beachfront somewhere right now. I know it's almost midnight and if I did sit on a beach, it would be kinda dark. But I wouldn't mind. I would lie on the grass and see the stars appear. I woke up about 3/4am this morning (again, coughing fit) and I looked out the window to see so many stars that I haven't been able to see in months. That and the solar Christmas lights on the house still flashing away. Which led me to think if our house had been fully decorated with solar Christmas lights, would I be able to sleep or would I have to black out my windows and gain thicker curtains to avoid the reflection of Christmas lights dancing through my curtains and upon my walls.

I think by the sight of this long blog just shows how I haven't typed enough in a long time.
"It's 11.57. And I'm running out of time."
I'm gonna let myself have one more coughing fit then go to bed.

Sleep tight.

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