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currently: feeling really hot right now. wow, this weather...

so you know at the end of 'Bridget Jones Diary - The Edge of Reason' where she goes and gives a recount of what she earnt through the year? I feel like I should be doing that. But it's really hot, and I don't want to think in this heat. So here's a list about why this year was good.

  • Stage Challenge - being part of the costumes again is awesome. And then the actual performance makes it all worth while.
  • YDA Fashion - yeah I only got top 6 placing instead of 2nd place like I did last year but hey, it's still something.
  • Land of Broken Hearts - as cheezy as it is, it has changed my life. And my Switchfoot fandom.
  • LOBHers - my new friends from all over the globe have taught me so many new things. And have been some of the coolest, most supportive people ever.
  • Friends - I continue to love them and they continue to support me. Specially when they gave me a surprise birthday party and "kidnapped" me to see The Dark Knight (which is a great movie btw.)
  • Family - well I do live with them and I have to like them haha.
  • Trip to Asia - It's fun to travel.
  • Whangarei - it was good to get away from life with some of my friends
  • Photography - Because I take it as a class, it gave me a good excuse to take photos, then print them old school styles.
  • Classical Studies - I got to learn about a whole new culture completely different to my own, yet was the basis of society today.
  • Media Studies - what can get better than watching movies and tv in class time? And making the films too!
  • Journalism - a good time to hang out with my mates and look at the site haha
  • deviantArt - getting introduced to it this year allowed me to explore all different forms of art.
  • Music - I've got to listen to a bunch of new bands. like Jimmy Eat World which I now love.
  • Songwriting - I'm still working on the lyrics part, and I've written some music for some songs but it's getting there!
  • And there's probably loads of more stuff. But I can't think of any more and my laptop is getting really hot which is making me feel hotter. But hey, I love Summer.

    Anyway, I'm gonna be celebrating New Years with my friends, so I hope 2008 was great for you, and I hope you have an awesome 2009!

    Much love, Mellie

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